Friday, May 25, 2012

Names in the News

Maj. Clark Gable put it on civilian clothes after nearly 2 years in the AAF and return to Hollywood to make Air Force training films.


All togged out and in AAF grease monkeys coveralls Marlene Dietrich of the husky voice and beautiful gams arrive by plane at LaGuardia Airport, New York, after 10 weeks with GIs in Italy and North Africa.


Highest priced painting exhibited in a Chicago art show bears the signature of Edward P Walker, who is former welterweight champ Mickey Walker turned artist. The price asked for his canvas is $1500.


Mickey Rooney is in the army at last. His draft board previously tagged him 4-F for a heart flutter, but apparently he's okay now.


Lena Horne, Negro singer and movie actress was divorced by Louis J. Jones in Columbus, Ohio, the husband charging "willful absence."


YANK 7 July 1944