Sunday, August 16, 2009

FBI's War Year

FBI Stats Aug. 1944

Another year of war brought added work for the FBI as well as other government agencies according to a report released by J. Edgar Hoover, director of the organization.

Over 16,000 investigations of suspected sabotage found 1,700 cases of deliberate destruction but non-connected with enemy-directed activity. At least 51 saboteurs were convicted while 531others were successfully charged in connection with other incidents.

A total of 11 spies were sentenced while 695 cases of illegal wearing of military uniform were prosecuted. Of these 396 were for impersonating an officer or government official.

Convicted draft dodgers and other Selective Service violators numbering 5,302 drew fines totaling $459,468.02 and collective sentences of more than 14,646 years.

The trial of orchestra leader Teddy Powell, 38, for conspiring with a draft board clerk to evade the draft is still on the untried docket. Powell is at liberty under $3,000 bond. John W. Wilson, chief clerk of New York Board 20, charged with accepting the bribes, committed suicide following similar charges in another case.

YANK 11 Aug 1944 Down Under Edition

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