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News From Home 11 Aug 44 Alabama-Maine


The Alabama Supreme Court ruled that E.J. Burns, Jefferson County real-estate dealer, must be executed Aug. 18 for the murder of Jake Prescott, a member of the Jefferson County Democratic Committee, whose mutilated body was found in Short Creek in February 1943. A young black bear, which apparently had wan­dered from the swamps off the Styx and Black-water Rivers, was killed by a train at Robertsdale in Baldwin County. Gov. Sparks named Mrs. Winston Stewart of Rockford to serve as probate judge of Coosa County while her hus­band is in the Navy.


Reporting on a survey of building permits, City Building Inspector Herreras declared that Tucson can expect a 2 ½ million-dollar post-war construction boom. Mrs. Annella Gibbons was appointed Apache County treasurer to succeed

Wallace Dewitt, who resigned to become super­visor of the U. S. Weather Bureau recently estab­lished at St. Johns. There were no prisoners in the Gila County Jail at Globe for the first time in 35 years.


San Francisco civilians had exclusive use of the Top o' the Mark bar in the Hotel Mark Hopkins for a week after it was declared off limits for servicemen because an Army officer cracked one of its 8x10 plate-glass windows while de­monstrating with a highball glass the correct method of throwing a hand grenade. School Supt. Crawford gave his consent to the employment of a large number of 16 to 18-year-old girls in San Diego aircraft plants and at the Naval Air Station. Dist. Atty. Gilbert Ferrell began a drive against gamblers in San Mateo County.


Pleading guilty to selling liquor after hours, Albert Koerner, who operates the padlocked Blakeland Inn southwest of Littleton, was fined $200 in a Denver court by District Judge Meikle of Castle Rock. Fourteen residents were recruited to serve on the Mesa County Ration Board after the old board resigned in sympathy with chairman Silmon Smith and James S. Gormley, whose resignations were requested by the OPA. At Hugo, James Pickenpaugh was charged with the murder of Noah Holt, a Rush rancher who died in a Colorado Springs hospital from injuries in­curred in a fight with Pickenpaugh, his neighbor.


Mrs. Alan Stillwell shot a four-foot alligator she found on the front porch of her home on Wilmington Island near Savannah when she returned home late one night. Downtown Atlanta was thrown in an uproar when a hold-up man robbed the Western Union office on Peachtree Street of $223, tried to flee in a taxi and got in a fight with the driver whom he had held up the week before; with a crowd at his heels the bandit escaped. The State Board of Regents authorized a trade school for Negroes at Georgia State College.


Twenty-one persons were treated for burns at the Farragut Naval Training Center hospital after the excursion boat “Penguin” burned follow­ing an explosion during a trip sponsored by the USO on Lake Pend Oreille; the boat, owned by T. H. Williford of Sandpoint, exploded as it left the pier at Whisky Rock. Payette needed 300 pickers to harvest its cherry crop. With nine sons and seven daughters, George Piatt of Burley won honors for having the largest family in Cassia County for the fifth time.


Marion made plans to build a swimming pool after the war and Peoria a million-dollar YMCA. The Illinois winter wheat crop is 50 percent larger than past year's; despite spring floods, other field crops were expected to be average. The General Electric Company opened a defense plant at Benton. Staley's started building a new million-dollar soybean processing plant at Decatur. The bullet-riddled body of Virgil Starnes, Quincy gambler, was found in Bird Slough. A lack of teachers had closed 300 Illinois rural schools since the war began. Died: Dr. Walter Ritchie, Bloomington dentist and former all American quarterback at Illinois Wesleyan.


An unshaven bandit robbed the Farmers State Bank at Walkerton of $2,078 after locking three employees in the vault. At Indianapolis, the Methodist Hospital closed an entire floor because of a shortage of paid and volunteer help. After notifying police that his $94 pay check had been lost, or stolen, Warren Kidder, Evansville war worker, discovered his 2-year-old daughter had chewed it up. A cow owned by James Gatewood of Noblesville produced her fifth set of twin calves. State police captured two escaped German war prisoners near Carlisle.


Camp Dodge, where 130,000 Iowans were processed in this war, was closed as an induction center; hereafter Iowa inductees will be sent to Fort Snelling, Minn.; Jefferson Barracks, Mo., or Fort Leavenworth, Kans. Bridgewater’s fire truck burned up despite the efforts of the Massena and Fontanelle fire departments to save the Metzer garage in which the truck was-parked. Gov. Hickenlooper of Cedar Rapids, Republican, will oppose Senator Guy Gillette of Cherokee, Democrat, for his seat in the U. S. Senate. Mil­lions of insect parasites, flown from New Jersey, were released in Page County to combat plant lice that were attacking apple orchards.


A 25-million-dollar alumina factory built at Baton Rouge by the Federal Government was being decommissioned. Mike Bardwell was ap­pointed principal off Hammond High School. Nineteen-year-old Richard (Smiling Dick) Cal­lahan, who pitched the Holy Cross College Prep School baseball team of New Orleans to three state championships, received a $15,000 bonus for signing a contract with the Boston Red Sox.


Augusta was visited by a 600-pound cow moose which scattered Sunday strollers in the down­town area until it was roped; afterward it was freed beyond the city limits. William Kiley, base­ball coach at Cheverus High, Portland, was named municipal recreation director. Agriculture Commissioner Smith reported that drought had practically destroyed the hay crop. Sydney Greenbie of Castine was named special assistant to the American minister to New Zealand. Paul Casey and Edwin Bridges drowned in Cathance Lake, Calais, at a high-school picnic. Died at Damariscotta: Capt. Peter Littlejohn, master mariner, at 79.

YANK 11 Aug 1944 Down Under Edition

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